Endlocke: Early Days pt 1

“No. no. no!” Oaindrault bounded down the long dimly lit corridor. He didn’t know why he wanted to be there when his beloved Gaia was being forced to engage in intercourse with Collective. He knew that it was a quick solution to an immediate threat.

Just outside of Azure, the land had already started to fall apart. It was only a matter of time before the event known as Endlocke came and destroyed all of Azure. Still, his feelings for her prevented him from thinking of any other solutions. He picked up his pace, not caring about the soldiers that he bumped into along the way. He was almost at a running speed, but then stopped abruptly in front of a large steel door with a pin pad. He smashed the keys hastily to open the door. “Come on. COME on!” The door hesitated for a moment and started to lurch open. He did not waste time and slipped through the door as soon as there was enough space for him to fit. The room was blindingly bright as the lights bounced off the white tiles. Through all of this, he could make out what was going on and his stomach churned.

Collective had pinned Gaia down to the floor and was already penetrating her as staff and soldiers looked on. He wanted to end this sick voyeur moment immediately and moved forward to end Collective’s life. He began to hesitate, contemplating the consequences in his head. At best, he would keep his job long enough to find another solution before Endlocke destroyed Azure. At worst, he would lose his life and also be responsible for the downfall of the town. Either way, the outcome wouldn’t be a good one. All he could do in the end was watch.

Helpless. Resentful. Helpless. Resentful.

He teetered between the emotions with each thrust of the creature. He could see the ecstasy in the creature’s face and he clinched his teeth tightly. He slumped over in defeat grumbling to himself as he listened to Gaia’s lower whimpers and Collective’s guttural grunts.

"Not enjoying the show?" It was the mocking of his effeminate rival, Taboo. The creator of the beast defiling his precious creation and the person who planted this idea into the mayor's head, Taboo took joy in all of the misery this was causing Oaindrault's soul. "This is just a means to an end. Nothing personal".

He saw right through the bastard's lie. He wanted to take his knuckle and slam it right into the center of his glasses, but that wouldn't change anything. Gaia would still have to put up with this act and he would lose his job. At least he could console her afterwards. That was his only comfort ...the only thing he could control.

A few minutes of awkward silence between the two doctors rolled by. Then...it was finished...

Collective laid down in euphoria on the tile, while Gaia held herself sobbing quietly against the wall. Oaindrault moved towards her without hesitation and threw his arms around her. The thick, warm sweat of the beast left on her embraced him before she could. She buried her face into his chest, letting the tears flow down his white lab coat.

He started to tear up, but then he heard the mocking voice of Taboo behind him. “Quit with the theatrics, you two”. He knelled down close to Oaindrault and leaned into his ear “As soon as she provides us with an offspring that can protect Azure, this will all be over”.

Oaindrault began to shake and clenched his fist tightly, turning his knuckles blindingly white. Taboo noticed the rage was building up inside of him and quickly stood. Turning to leave, Taboo couldn’t help but get one more jab in. “This concludes phase 1 of trial 7.” Oaindrault whipped around to glare at him, but he was gone.

“Oaindrault…” Gaia faintly called to him and touched his face lightly. He turned his attention back to her “Yes, my dear?”

“Can you help me to my chambers?” She began to stand and Oaindrault followed her movement.

“Of course.” He wanted to move her away from that beast who was now snoring loudly in contentment. “Let’s hurry along.”

Gaia took a look at Collective sleeping and then back to Oaindrault. She nodded slowly as Oaindrault grabbed her hand and led her to the exit.


     My last two blog entries, I focused on how much of a fuck up I've been over the past years. In short, the two main things were that I was lazy and not confident in myself or my ability. I've been told by a few people that I was too hard on myself, but it needs to be done. Not to just me, BUT TO YOU AS WELL! You need to be honest with yourself and realize most of your problems are brought on by yourself! By owning up to how you could have changed the outcome of a certain situation, you start feeling empowered. If you can make the mess, you can find a way to undo the mess. At most, you can control your response to things that you feel are out of your control. Who likes walking around feeling miserable and helpless? Unless you're some type of damaged person, I know you sure the hell don't.

    Just because I did mess up in my life over the years, I'm still in a great position in life where I can still pursue my passion. I will go over some things that help me to succeed despite my mistakes. This is for the younger children so they can learn possibly what things to do if they have at a couple of years where they slack off. Hey! I get it! You only live once and you want to have fun. Trust me, I did do that a lot (which is what my previous blogs were about). Even if you slack off though, doing these things will help you still be able to chase your dreams.

     Let me just start by saying I have an amazing family that I love dearly. I have a wonderful mom who I considered a best friend and two wonderful dads (a step father who raised me since I was 3 and my biological father who has always stayed in my life). I have wonderful friends that I've know going on 20 years of my life, BUT LIVING IN ISOLATION IS A BLESSING. Now, I know this might be hard to do for younger kids, but I would say find a local Starbucks or somewhere to sit and do your artwork. There's nothing more annoying than when your in the groove of doing your art and your family keep calling you every second to take out the trash or wash dishes, or drive mom to the grocery store. Your friends will distract you to no end with goofiness. Even when you are working on a project together, they will distract you! You need the time away from people to get your ideas done quicker and more skillfully. Lucky for me, I live alone and I'm out of school. My friends have their families and/or don't live close enough to just walk to so easily anymore. 

    The fact that you state "I don't give a fuck" doesn't stop you from "giving a fuck" People want to be acknowledge by others and care. This is why we have things like instagram where their are dozens of booty models. This is why facebook is one of the top sources for information on other people. This is why we brag about how many followers we have online. You ever notice though, you'll see 1,000s of nice comments, but respond to the one negative one? Don't lie. We all do it and hold onto that shit. When you see your friends, you're going to tell them about that hating bitch, not the 5 nice things that came before it. We all want some form of validation and at times this may stop us from moving forward with our work. In my last blog, I talked about how my friend at the time told me how my drawings sucked. At that age, it stopped me from going for my dreams. Words definitely can hit you hard.

    I think this more comes with age then any simple solution. As in the case with the Joker "some people just want to watch the world burn". You learn over life that keeping yourself in a safe space and trying to avoid cruel people or offensive statements is not a possibility. The world doesn't act or respond in the same way that you would like them to. We are all humans with differing views on life. There will always be a clash of thoughts. I'm not going to act like there aren't things that still offend me when I read them or hear them just because I'm in my early 30s, but I can say I don't give as much weight to it as I once did. I grit my teeth and still throw my projects, art, articles, and videos out into the world. Sometimes, people get value from it and sometimes they don't. However, at least I can be satisfied knowing I made an effort towards my goals.

These are just surface level things, but I will be going deeper into reasons in the next part of this blog. 


I will continue from where I left of yesterday and continue to squash my own balls. Why? Are you a masochist, Frae? i know that's what you're asking and my answer to that is...only on days that end in "Y". However, there is a greater reason I'm doing this. It is to let you all know that you have power in yourself to do great things. By owning what you've done to put yourself in a situation, you gain the power to understand you can change your situation. You won't feel like your life is completely out of your hands! The other reason is very simple; I DON'T WANT YOU TO MAKE THESE SAME MISTAKES. I love to get more independent artists out there in the world especially minorities. We don't have to keep expecting these companies to do things for us when we have buying power and our own community that can support us. Not to say "exclude" anyone from anything, but rather I want people to do more for themselves and stop relying on others (like I relied on Asim in the previous blog). You have the brains. You have the ideas. you have the talent. Just go out and do it and do it BIG! Now...let's continue. Why I f*cked myself...

    I say this a lot. I wasted the majority of my 20s. It wasn't because I was from some conservative family and I became a wild child once I got to college. I mean...I did go wild at times, but my parents weren't really strict. In fact, I was kind of a goodie, goodie nerd until I turned 21. Now, I'm a nerd with attitude. But, I can recall wasting my time and putting off focusing on art. I wanted to go party or i wanted to go sleep with women, or get drunk, or whatever. Even when i had downtime, I would spend it playing mostly eating pizza and playing video games the whole night. I wouldn't touch any art stuff for weeks and weeks on end. Even after I would sell stuff at a convention, I wouldn't make any effort to have a follow up with customers. I figured "I put the work out there. Shit will just fall in my lap" VERY WRONG THINKING. "Anything worth having is worth fighting for". I didn't have the fight in me at the time and didn't give a crap about where I was going in the future. My laziness has cost me getting into an art college that intern directly for Disney and having any networking contacts in art after college. Don't focus too much on the "play hard" without remembering to "work hard" as well. 

     There is this guy named Brion Foulke who does a comic called Flipside (it's really good check it out here). I remember seeing his work when I sold at my first convention over 10 years ago. At the time, he had I think 3 or 4 volumes already done of his comic. I remember being amazed and inspired. I would go home and work on my work, but keep restarting over and over. Then, I would make a new story and try to do that on TOP of the original story. In fact, Endlocke is a rebooted version of Deadlock, the graphic novel that I was selling in the past. THIS STORY IS TECHNICALLY 15+ YEARS OLD, but I kept restarting it. If I had just kept going with it, I could be travelling all across the country right now selling my 9 volumes of my original work like Brion is doing now. You think there isn't some things he regrets in his stories? However, he kept pushing forward and is able to live his dreams now. I don't know a single artists who thinks their artwork is perfect! I was foolish to believe that i would obtain perfection so I should keep starting over. Embrace your flaws. Learn from them and continue to improve as you go along. It's what makes a lot fans become fans as they get to grow along side you. 

   Those are the 4 main reasons I'm not as big as i could have been. NOTICE. Please take notice not one of these reasons involved MY RACE. If you're looking for me to push the "black narrative", I will never do that as most of it wants us to stay in a victim mentality. THERE IS NO REASON YOU CAN'T SUCCEED. Just because others might not give you the opportunities you want doesn't mean you don't or won't get the opportunities! Especially in this day and age where you can crowdfund, do patron, and contact many independent publishers to get your work out there. You are just as smart. Just as capable and just as talented to forge your own way. I hope this was helpful in some sort of way. I'm know people are probably thinking "Man, he acts like he just a royal fuck up!"...not so fast. Heh Heh. I have done some good that helped neutralize these problems and even put me ahead of people that are my age. However, I'll leave the ball stroking for another blog.


    On my road to live my dream as a professional artist, I stop to take a look back. I have been making comics ever since 4th grade. I've sold comics at multiple conventions and have been on many stages to perform and two times it was in front of a crowd of over 10,000 people. So why, why am I just NOW starting to even gain a following...(and by following I mean that humbly as currently, I probably only have about 20-30 hardcore followers, but it grows everyday and I'm loving it!). The truth is I can blame myself for most of this if not ALL of this. I'm doing this for two reasons; 1. I don't want you to fall into the same traps that I did when I was younger and 2. Owning your mistakes allows you to take control of your life. If you know your caused the problems, then you know you can fix the problem. SO...I give you ways I f*cked my life:

1. Lack of Confidence
 When I was in 4th grade, I use to make comics with my best friend Robert. We would make them on copy paper and then sell them for a little bit of change to the students. One day, out of the blue Robert turned to me and told me "Your draws suck". Those words echoed throughout my head so much, I stopped working on comics. all together I doubted every drawing I made and only did doodles. I just wasn't feeling it anymore. It wasn't until I was doodling in 7th grade that my new and current best friend, Asim, picked me up from the ashes by praising my art and encouraging me to make comics again. 

Despite having a new drive to make comics, this also worked against me. Asim and I envisioned making our own comic company, but because I looked to him to instill confidence in me, I didn't make moves without him. To make my manga, I needed him to write the story for me. To start selling at conventions, I needed him to get the table. Now, I was suffering from a different lack in confidence. Rather than lacking the confidence in my ability (which was still shitty at the time), I lacked confidence to lead. This cost me a lot because I had been waiting for Asim to initiate all of opportunities for me to get out there. He is an amazing friend and great to work with, but we didn't continuously put our name out there on a consistent basis. We would go months, sometimes years before we resurfaced again. We never kept the fire going even after performing in front of 1,000s of people. 

Looking back, it wasn't fair of me to rely on Asim to carry us forward. It is too much of a burden and also it lead me to become anxious and frustrated when he was unable to move at the pace I wanted to. More importantly, I could have initiated a lot of the opportunities we had myself if only I believed I could do it.

   Too many younger artists I've seen just want to focus on the art. While building up your skill is definitely necessary, the truth is there are many many talented artists in the world that still don't reach the heights of popularity many us dream of. You're going to have to create your own opportunities and this means you'll need money! This just doesn't mean open up for commissions. You must get yourself at least part-time job. Suck it up and go to MCDonalds for a little while. In my situation, I worked at a movie theater. However, the money I made would be splurged on frivolous things; video games stuff, expensive dinners, alcohol, etc, etc. This caused many times for Asim to have to fill in expenses at on some of our events. You have to fund your dream to get somewhere! Marvel isn't going to knock down the door to get to the lot of you. You need to make your own way and it can be better that way to be honest. Think about it. All profits and control are yours for the taking.


WHAT THE HELL IS DPI and how does it f*ck up things!

Just imagine you are creating a beautiful piece of digital artwork and want to sell it at a convention. You upload it to vistaprint or cafe press or whichever online printer and eagerly wait for you work to come in the mail. Finally, the big day comes and you have your awesome piece of work you spent hours and hours on. You open the package and...WTF!? YOUR PICTURE IS BLURRY AS CRAP! You could have sworn your image size was correct for the print. So what the hell went wrong? 

Glad you asked! It's probably because of one reason. You didn't check your DPI settings! What is that you ask? Glad you asked. D.P.I. stands for dots per inches. This means for every inch on your computer monitor, there is a number of pixels or dots presented in the image on the screen. This might explain it better:

Each line between the inch represents 1dpi.

Each line between the inch
represents 1dpi.

As you can see between the inch, there are lines. Each line would be a representation of 1 dpi. So for the ruler above, this would be 25dpi at the top and 16dpi at the bottom. THESE ARE GOD AWFUL DPI SETTINGS by the way. Don't EVER make an image this small.

Even though you can make your DPI any amount, there are 2 common ones that you need to know about. 72dpi and 300dpi. 72dpi is small and great for saving file size. They are usually the images that you would post online or if you ever right clicked and download an image off a website, this is usually the size they are. However, these are NOT to be used for printing. 

See the images above? The one on the left is 72dpi. Would you want to use that as your print? OH COURSE NOT! You need the image to your right! That is 300dpi. This is the preferred dpi for all printers and the safest one to use to get a clear image. Now, you can go above 300 dpi, but the human eye won't really know the difference. It'll still look just as clear and at that point, you're just making your files bigger for no reason. 

So now that you know, you won't have any problems getting your clear prints back. Now go! GO MAKE MORE ART! Do my bidding!! MUaauahahahahuauahaahaha.a....--cough-cough-


K-con 2017 BABY!! YES!!! THIS SH*T RIGHT HERE!!!

In case you didn't know, for the past about 5 years now I've been obsessed with Korean music. So when I heard about K-con, I was highly interested. It's unfortunate that everytime it came around, I was unable to attend due to other plans or insufficient funds. This year though, I was able to get my butt into gear and take myself there! 

While purchasing my tickets, I made a mistake and accidentally purchased 2 for the concert third floor seating instead of 1 ticket for the floor standing next to the stage. Why? I was rushing, not paying attention, and an overall dumb ass. Ticket master basically told me screw you when I said I wanted to change them so I was stuck with an extra ticket. Luckily, my friend came along and we exchanged for his extra ticket to G-Dragon next month (HELL YAASSS! MORE K-PAWPPPP!!!).

The long 3 hour journey to NJ wasn't bad actually. There was no traffic and I was content knowing I wasn't putting this wear and tear onto my personal vehicle since I rented one. Even though I hate long drives because I get bored (I'd rather be a passenger and draw or write or whatever during the time), I found the drive to relaxing seeing the different natural environments. 

I arrived around 9am and parked into the Prudential Center. I was stuck on the roof, but I didn't mind too much as I was only paying 7 dollars for parking so close to the convention (which was separate from the actual concert AND YES YOU HAD TO PAY FOR THE CONVENTION SEPARATE FROM THE CONCERT TICKET!! It was an extra 20 bucks onto my 180 bucks that I already paid...I guess that wasn't too bad). The whole event took place outside in a series of parking lots. Though the main convention area wasn't open until 11, there were booths outside where people were dancing and sampling different products such as skin care products and food. 

When the convention opened, it really wasn't much to it to be honest. There were panels you could see which were cool. I got to see my favorite K-pop Reaction Youtuber; JRE! I even asked him a question about him making music in the future (which he said he didn't have any plans for an album yet). There were also other K=pop related youtubers such as JuNCurryAhn (Kpop covers, part of Boys Generally Asian), Faye (does make-up tutorials), Whitney Bae (talks about korean culture and living there), and Courtney/Jasmine from 2MinJinkJongKey (Kpop reactions). They all told stories about their experiences with Kpop stars and had fun with us. Then, there were samples of food. We could eat as many samples as we wanted and I have no reserve about pigging out on traditional Korean cuisine! So much so, I didn't take the time to take pictures and instagram any of it. I just scarfed it all down like the gluttonous American boy I was built to be. Hahahaa. I kid (not really). There were also several areas to learn dances to popular songs and watch people do covers. I learned Twice's "Signal" dance myself (Twice is life for me by the way). 

Before the concert, there were several performances going on including CoCo Avenue (who I am sad to just discover because they are disbanding as I'm writing this now) and David Kim who played through his first EP of original music. The songs were pretty catching and I'll definitely buy his album when he drops it. 

There were also different contests such as the Aegyo contest (aegyo are like cute little faces and/or voices that Kpop stars usually do to please the crowd) and a dance competition. The best part was, if you didn't buy a concert ticket there were plenty of opportunities to win them through various panels and competitions. Of course, I had mine already...

A few more highlights such as a Kpop paint night, learning about different language learning programs to get you to Korea, and shopping rounded off the whole conventions which was open a total of 6 hours or so Friday and Saturday. For 20 bucks, I was pleased and it was nice to be wrapped in the culture of Korea. OH! There was a lot of mention and promotion for the Olympics which will take place in Korea next year. If I had that type of money, I would definitely go. Hell! I'd just go to Korea...one day perhaps.


Now...the meat potatoes! The one and only MCOUNTDOWN CONCERT BABY!! I was stoked!! Despite my ticket mishap, I had a relatively good view of everything going on. On Friday, they kicked off with talks about the Olympics again along with a dance contest for someone to go to Korea. The performers this year were KNK (I'm a new fan of theirs now. Really great music), SF9 (meh. ok.), Gfriend (feel their songs sound to similar so I'm not a fan), Zion T (my younger big brother. My ears were blessed), and Highlight (or B2ST minus one. Still bringing the fire music though!). There were special performances such as a Beauty and the Beast performance and Exo cover because...well...it's f*cking Exo music. There was also the Fortune Wheel in which the current group had to perform a task on stage. Some lucky lady got proposed to and Highlight had to take a photo op. The video below shows some of the performances, but I'm not sure how long the video will be up for since my day 2 video was taken down for copyright reasons (damn youtube....whomp whomp). 

Then, on Saturday was when my angels played. The line-up was Up10tion (not my thang), NCT 127 (totally my thang), TWICE (God gave me the biggest of blessing when he put these women in my life), and CN Blue (excellent live performers). Like the first night, they did the Fortune Wheel which gave everyone a photo op with Twice on stage. There was also a special performance where Twice did covers of famous JYP Entertainment songs. The second day seemed to go by quickly, but left a huge impression because my bias group was there. Just when I thought the night was over, I was blessed to see Twice as they left which is documented in the review video at the top. 

Overall, I had an amazing time and will definitely attend next year. I know there were people saying the line-up was weak this year ( I mean last year was BTS, Mamamoo, Crush, and many more), but I think the money I paid was definitely worth it. All the Korean culture and events for a little over 200 bucks! I really couldn't ask for a better time! 

Updates #1

There is a lot of things going on lately in my life and I thank you all for bearing with me. I know I've been updating late from time to time and missing a week to update 2 or 3 pages in one day instead. I've had some family issues happening and I'm slowly pulling myself out of it. 

No tears though! Everything will be gravy and I plan on continuing to work hard for you all! So let's get to some updates about things to come in the future!!

June 23rd - 24th - I will be at KCON 2017 @ the Prudential Center. If you see me, (the one or two of you actually recognized me before. lol) let's hang and listen to some amazing Kpop artists together! I'm hoping I run into Twice (Dahyun, Jeongyeon, or Jihyo...I would die...) or perhaps Zion T. I'm so stoked!

July 27th - I will be at G-Dragon's Act III Motte tour in Brooklyn, NY! Who doesn't love G-Dragon F*CKING DRAGON!? Let's get lit and party there too!!

July ??? - I will be starting my gofundme to publish ENDLOCKE vol.1. YOU'LL DEFINITELY WANT TO  BUY THIS or contribute to the gofundme and get it is a reward! This manga will have bonus content including AN ADDITIONAL ZERO CHAPTER NOT PUT ON THE SITE!! I will be showing some of the rewards soon and there are even bonuses that I will send out with my contributors because I love to give extra stuff. 

That's all for now! Thank you. thank you. THANK YOU!! All the support and love I get from people online is amazing! I'm really appreciative and hope I can do more content for you all in the near future! 

Gearing Up For Selling @ a Con pt 2

Couple of days ago, I was giving you some tips to help you as you go along your journey to making a living off your artwork. I still have more tips to hit you with, so let's get back into it!!

Stickers, buttons, pins, and bookmarks will sell like hot cakes because they are cheap to produce and are inexpensive to the customer (usually no more than a buck! Sometimes 2 for a buck). Double your supply of these because those dollars that you get for these will add up quick. THESE SMALL ITEMS ARE THINGS YOU DO NOT WANT TO SELL OUT OF. PERIOD.

You need to have a plethora of free items where they can just walk by and take it. People will blow by you constantly whether they are rushing to catch that cosplayer for a picture, going to an event, or just walking through. They may not buy from you the first day, but people will definitely take anything that is free. In fact, a lot will quietly walk up to your table, take the free stuff, and then scurry off without engaging you. It happens, but they will check you out later so it's all good. The two staples are flyers and business cards, but be creative! If you can make little origami figures or small prints or balloons or anything like that, DO IT! Just make sure you have your information of it somewhere (an instagram, a facebook, preferably a website).

STAND OUT!! ABOVE THE CROWD! You need to make your pressence known! Our first year, my friend brought his DJ equipment and did a live gig at our table while we sold items. We had people coming up to us every 5 minutes on the first day just to be there and dance. Many people became customers that first day. Well imagine the shock when we noticed that the following day, there were other people playing music from radios. Flash foreward to the next year and there were a couple of people who had TURNTABLES THEMSELVES. My suggestion on this is tread lightly with neutral music (no hardcore rap or loud heavy metal) and start on the lower side volume wise. You can't go wrong with techno, video game music, and definitely anime themes. Luckily, we played the right mix of things that the security even told us to turn our music up some! Other ideas to help you stand out are raffles where you give away some of your products, live acoustic show, mystery boxes...the possibility are endless!!

We needed one table just for his gear. 

We needed one table just for his gear. 

There is a debate about whether people should do fanart or not. MY ANSWER. YES! YES! and more YES! Look! It's HARD to come in as a newbie with no fanbase and then try to sell your original product. Not that it can't be done. It's just harder and you'll hurt your pockets way more. People will be more likely to drop 10 bucks on your original 6-7 hour poster of All Might vs Broli then 10 bucks on that completely new manga that no one has a clue about. The appeal of fanart is that they WANT THAT ORIGINAL ONE OF A KIND ARTWORK OF THEIR FAVORITE CHARACTERS. They could go into wal-mart and get the Avenger's poster or they can get this original sick art of The Avenger's taking on Bleach Shinigami's. So, while I will never say fill your whole stock with fanart, a couple of pieces will go a long way for your sales.

One thing people will do is get so wrapped up on sales and making their money back, they won't enjoy the actual experience. YOU'RE GONNA TAKE A HIT IN YOUR WALLET NO MATTER WHAT. It's rare for people to get out there and just sell out their whole inventory even for some of the artists who are already established as well. So just have fun above all! Make friends. Stop people just for cosplay pictures! It doesn't have to be for a sale (though it might lead to one). Also, the more fun you're having at your table, the more people want to be a part of that fun (hence why playing music works so well).

I think this is all I have for you for now! I might do a part three if I think of anything else. lol. Whather this was helpful or not, DO NOT STOP GOING FOR YOUR DREAMS! I've seen countless people give up because it didn't go so well their first outting. Especially, my people who want to do manga style art. THIS APPLIES TO EVERYONE THOUGH!! DOING POORLY DOESN'T MEAN YOU GO HOME WITH YOUR TAILS BETWEEN YOUR LEGS AND CRY YOURSELF TO SLEEP IN A FETAL POSITION. You access and restrategize for next year.

Oh! That's another tip!! Every night after the convention, I would jot down notes about the progress of the day - good or bad, things that I noticed, connections I made, anything that had an impact on the day! Then, I would take all my notes and talk to my team and go over our failures, successes and ways to do even better next time.  

GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! Thanks for reading all of this and come back for more interesting blogs and read my series Endlocke that is on this site too.


So You're Gearing Up to Sell @ a Convention!? WONDERFUL! PT.1

Oh, boy! You've gotten your art together and/or your original manga series! Now, it's time to take yourself to the next level and ACTUALLY MAKE SOME MONEY!!!! I've done this convention thing a couple of times myself. I've done otakon twice, awesome con, baltimore comic con, and even faerie con.

IT IS EXTREMELY FUN challenging yourself to sell products and meeting so many new people. However, it is EXTREMELY DIFFICULT TO GET ATTENTION AND SALES. This entry should give you a couple of things to think about as you pave the road which will be a full fledged art career. 

Trust me! Get all your products and signs together the NIGHT before! The next morning you will be running around, trying to get showers, eat breakfasts, getting gas, and doing other things. The last thing you want is to get to your venue and then realize you left your major product at home. At least move all of your stuff next to your door. Some things to check off your list; change (some $1s, $5s, and coins), credit card reader for your phone (SO IMPORTANT!!), tape, your charger, receipt book, paper clips, and other things.

Those tables go by extremely quick! Every aspiring artist and their moma wants a table at the conventions! This is even more important if you are going to a smaller convention like Faerie Con or something. The smaller conventions have lower priced tables. The lower the price, the quicker it will go!

You need to get to your table immediately! Start setting up so you know exactly how you want to present everything. There is nothing more unprofessional than people waiting for you to get your shit together and you telling them to hold on you'll be done in a minute. If you have extra time, check your supplies. There are some supplies you might not have thought about. Take this time to also see who is around you and build friends. They may be able to help you when you're missing supplies in the heat of battle such as pens or tape or anything.   

If you have a good amount of artwork, you might want to set up in the Dealer's Room instead. People generally see the artist alley as a bunch of amateurs. The Dealer's Room is filled with industry professionals so people tend to see it as more of a professional setting. Having your work there instead subconsciously will make you seem more professional. This leads me to #5.

You never know what kind of valuable information you will get from other people or what kind of new friends you'll meet! Whether your near your table, walking around, or taking a piss (well maybe not the bathroom) TALK TO EVERYONE!! I can't tell you how many people I talked to and mentioned my table who became customers for me. Don't be afraid to speak with people!! The industry professionals actually are very friendly (which is why you might want to get into the dealer's room instead).


This is a mistake that I made the 1st convention at Otakon. My thinking was "if there are over 30,000 people here! Surely pushing 200 copies of my original manga wouldn't be a problem!"WRONG. WRONG WRONG WRONG. It's going to take more than pretty artwork to make people stop and even look at your stuff or even buy it! So it's best to think small. Our next outing, we only brought 30 copies of the manga AND THEY SOLD OUT! You know how good it makes you feel when you get to tell people it's SOLD OUT! It triggers in their mind that they missed out on something extremely popular which leads me to my last point for this entry....

You sold out of our main product!?! WONDERFUL! But you still got more con LEFT! People are going to still want your products or want to stay connected for your future products. YOU'RE GOING TO WANT THIS AS WELL!! So, make sure you have business cards with your e-mail, a website, amazon store, twitter, instagram...ANYTHING THAT CAN LINK THEM TO YOU!! This simple fact is one that I ignored so many times and then I would wonder like a dumb ass why I wasn't getting any traction from all the work I was doing. You need a follow up so you can stay fresh in people's mind. 

There are even more tips I want to give, but this is getting kind of long!! lol I will be making another list of tips shortly to go with this one so comeback shortly!

Gearing Up For ENDLOCKE VOL. I!!

Yes!! I will be gearing up to release volume I of Endlocke VOL. 1. I plan on releasing it for March of next year. Isn't this exciting!?! Of course it is! Especially when you hear about the bonuses that I plan like the exclusive 0 chapter! Yes, A WHOLE NEW CHAPTER THAT IS NOT POSTED ON THE WEBSITE! I will need your help to bring this to life! I will be setting up a gofundme to help with my publication costs! I will make sure to have some interesting bonuses for anyone who helps...definitely an autographed copy of the manga! I will launch the gofundme in mid January
so look forward to it! Thanks once again for all the love and support!