Updates #1

There is a lot of things going on lately in my life and I thank you all for bearing with me. I know I've been updating late from time to time and missing a week to update 2 or 3 pages in one day instead. I've had some family issues happening and I'm slowly pulling myself out of it. 

No tears though! Everything will be gravy and I plan on continuing to work hard for you all! So let's get to some updates about things to come in the future!!

June 23rd - 24th - I will be at KCON 2017 @ the Prudential Center. If you see me, (the one or two of you actually recognized me before. lol) let's hang and listen to some amazing Kpop artists together! I'm hoping I run into Twice (Dahyun, Jeongyeon, or Jihyo...I would die...) or perhaps Zion T. I'm so stoked!

July 27th - I will be at G-Dragon's Act III Motte tour in Brooklyn, NY! Who doesn't love G-Dragon F*CKING DRAGON!? Let's get lit and party there too!!

July ??? - I will be starting my gofundme to publish ENDLOCKE vol.1. YOU'LL DEFINITELY WANT TO  BUY THIS or contribute to the gofundme and get it is a reward! This manga will have bonus content including AN ADDITIONAL ZERO CHAPTER NOT PUT ON THE SITE!! I will be showing some of the rewards soon and there are even bonuses that I will send out with my contributors because I love to give extra stuff. 

That's all for now! Thank you. thank you. THANK YOU!! All the support and love I get from people online is amazing! I'm really appreciative and hope I can do more content for you all in the near future!