K-con 2017 BABY!! YES!!! THIS SH*T RIGHT HERE!!!

In case you didn't know, for the past about 5 years now I've been obsessed with Korean music. So when I heard about K-con, I was highly interested. It's unfortunate that everytime it came around, I was unable to attend due to other plans or insufficient funds. This year though, I was able to get my butt into gear and take myself there! 

While purchasing my tickets, I made a mistake and accidentally purchased 2 for the concert third floor seating instead of 1 ticket for the floor standing next to the stage. Why? I was rushing, not paying attention, and an overall dumb ass. Ticket master basically told me screw you when I said I wanted to change them so I was stuck with an extra ticket. Luckily, my friend came along and we exchanged for his extra ticket to G-Dragon next month (HELL YAASSS! MORE K-PAWPPPP!!!).

The long 3 hour journey to NJ wasn't bad actually. There was no traffic and I was content knowing I wasn't putting this wear and tear onto my personal vehicle since I rented one. Even though I hate long drives because I get bored (I'd rather be a passenger and draw or write or whatever during the time), I found the drive to relaxing seeing the different natural environments. 

I arrived around 9am and parked into the Prudential Center. I was stuck on the roof, but I didn't mind too much as I was only paying 7 dollars for parking so close to the convention (which was separate from the actual concert AND YES YOU HAD TO PAY FOR THE CONVENTION SEPARATE FROM THE CONCERT TICKET!! It was an extra 20 bucks onto my 180 bucks that I already paid...I guess that wasn't too bad). The whole event took place outside in a series of parking lots. Though the main convention area wasn't open until 11, there were booths outside where people were dancing and sampling different products such as skin care products and food. 

When the convention opened, it really wasn't much to it to be honest. There were panels you could see which were cool. I got to see my favorite K-pop Reaction Youtuber; JRE! I even asked him a question about him making music in the future (which he said he didn't have any plans for an album yet). There were also other K=pop related youtubers such as JuNCurryAhn (Kpop covers, part of Boys Generally Asian), Faye (does make-up tutorials), Whitney Bae (talks about korean culture and living there), and Courtney/Jasmine from 2MinJinkJongKey (Kpop reactions). They all told stories about their experiences with Kpop stars and had fun with us. Then, there were samples of food. We could eat as many samples as we wanted and I have no reserve about pigging out on traditional Korean cuisine! So much so, I didn't take the time to take pictures and instagram any of it. I just scarfed it all down like the gluttonous American boy I was built to be. Hahahaa. I kid (not really). There were also several areas to learn dances to popular songs and watch people do covers. I learned Twice's "Signal" dance myself (Twice is life for me by the way). 

Before the concert, there were several performances going on including CoCo Avenue (who I am sad to just discover because they are disbanding as I'm writing this now) and David Kim who played through his first EP of original music. The songs were pretty catching and I'll definitely buy his album when he drops it. 

There were also different contests such as the Aegyo contest (aegyo are like cute little faces and/or voices that Kpop stars usually do to please the crowd) and a dance competition. The best part was, if you didn't buy a concert ticket there were plenty of opportunities to win them through various panels and competitions. Of course, I had mine already...

A few more highlights such as a Kpop paint night, learning about different language learning programs to get you to Korea, and shopping rounded off the whole conventions which was open a total of 6 hours or so Friday and Saturday. For 20 bucks, I was pleased and it was nice to be wrapped in the culture of Korea. OH! There was a lot of mention and promotion for the Olympics which will take place in Korea next year. If I had that type of money, I would definitely go. Hell! I'd just go to Korea...one day perhaps.


Now...the meat potatoes! The one and only MCOUNTDOWN CONCERT BABY!! I was stoked!! Despite my ticket mishap, I had a relatively good view of everything going on. On Friday, they kicked off with talks about the Olympics again along with a dance contest for someone to go to Korea. The performers this year were KNK (I'm a new fan of theirs now. Really great music), SF9 (meh. ok.), Gfriend (feel their songs sound to similar so I'm not a fan), Zion T (my younger big brother. My ears were blessed), and Highlight (or B2ST minus one. Still bringing the fire music though!). There were special performances such as a Beauty and the Beast performance and Exo cover because...well...it's f*cking Exo music. There was also the Fortune Wheel in which the current group had to perform a task on stage. Some lucky lady got proposed to and Highlight had to take a photo op. The video below shows some of the performances, but I'm not sure how long the video will be up for since my day 2 video was taken down for copyright reasons (damn youtube....whomp whomp). 

Then, on Saturday was when my angels played. The line-up was Up10tion (not my thang), NCT 127 (totally my thang), TWICE (God gave me the biggest of blessing when he put these women in my life), and CN Blue (excellent live performers). Like the first night, they did the Fortune Wheel which gave everyone a photo op with Twice on stage. There was also a special performance where Twice did covers of famous JYP Entertainment songs. The second day seemed to go by quickly, but left a huge impression because my bias group was there. Just when I thought the night was over, I was blessed to see Twice as they left which is documented in the review video at the top. 

Overall, I had an amazing time and will definitely attend next year. I know there were people saying the line-up was weak this year ( I mean last year was BTS, Mamamoo, Crush, and many more), but I think the money I paid was definitely worth it. All the Korean culture and events for a little over 200 bucks! I really couldn't ask for a better time!