Endlocke: Early Days pt 1

“No. no. no!” Oaindrault bounded down the long dimly lit corridor. He didn’t know why he wanted to be there when his beloved Gaia was being forced to engage in intercourse with Collective. He knew that it was a quick solution to an immediate threat.

Just outside of Azure, the land had already started to fall apart. It was only a matter of time before the event known as Endlocke came and destroyed all of Azure. Still, his feelings for her prevented him from thinking of any other solutions. He picked up his pace, not caring about the soldiers that he bumped into along the way. He was almost at a running speed, but then stopped abruptly in front of a large steel door with a pin pad. He smashed the keys hastily to open the door. “Come on. COME on!” The door hesitated for a moment and started to lurch open. He did not waste time and slipped through the door as soon as there was enough space for him to fit. The room was blindingly bright as the lights bounced off the white tiles. Through all of this, he could make out what was going on and his stomach churned.

Collective had pinned Gaia down to the floor and was already penetrating her as staff and soldiers looked on. He wanted to end this sick voyeur moment immediately and moved forward to end Collective’s life. He began to hesitate, contemplating the consequences in his head. At best, he would keep his job long enough to find another solution before Endlocke destroyed Azure. At worst, he would lose his life and also be responsible for the downfall of the town. Either way, the outcome wouldn’t be a good one. All he could do in the end was watch.

Helpless. Resentful. Helpless. Resentful.

He teetered between the emotions with each thrust of the creature. He could see the ecstasy in the creature’s face and he clinched his teeth tightly. He slumped over in defeat grumbling to himself as he listened to Gaia’s lower whimpers and Collective’s guttural grunts.

"Not enjoying the show?" It was the mocking of his effeminate rival, Taboo. The creator of the beast defiling his precious creation and the person who planted this idea into the mayor's head, Taboo took joy in all of the misery this was causing Oaindrault's soul. "This is just a means to an end. Nothing personal".

He saw right through the bastard's lie. He wanted to take his knuckle and slam it right into the center of his glasses, but that wouldn't change anything. Gaia would still have to put up with this act and he would lose his job. At least he could console her afterwards. That was his only comfort ...the only thing he could control.

A few minutes of awkward silence between the two doctors rolled by. Then...it was finished...

Collective laid down in euphoria on the tile, while Gaia held herself sobbing quietly against the wall. Oaindrault moved towards her without hesitation and threw his arms around her. The thick, warm sweat of the beast left on her embraced him before she could. She buried her face into his chest, letting the tears flow down his white lab coat.

He started to tear up, but then he heard the mocking voice of Taboo behind him. “Quit with the theatrics, you two”. He knelled down close to Oaindrault and leaned into his ear “As soon as she provides us with an offspring that can protect Azure, this will all be over”.

Oaindrault began to shake and clenched his fist tightly, turning his knuckles blindingly white. Taboo noticed the rage was building up inside of him and quickly stood. Turning to leave, Taboo couldn’t help but get one more jab in. “This concludes phase 1 of trial 7.” Oaindrault whipped around to glare at him, but he was gone.

“Oaindrault…” Gaia faintly called to him and touched his face lightly. He turned his attention back to her “Yes, my dear?”

“Can you help me to my chambers?” She began to stand and Oaindrault followed her movement.

“Of course.” He wanted to move her away from that beast who was now snoring loudly in contentment. “Let’s hurry along.”

Gaia took a look at Collective sleeping and then back to Oaindrault. She nodded slowly as Oaindrault grabbed her hand and led her to the exit.