MAYOR'S COURT - A small, but luxurious city like district where the mayor's office is located. As the Godai stays in this area, the most reliable resources are found here. This area seems to look unaffected by the Endlocke.

DAVALON - a nice suburban district that runs right into the Mayor's court and has almost the same amount of resources as the Mayor's Court. This area is popular for it's large ferris wheel. There is some damage to buildings here from Endlocke.

AZURE GREENS - a dense forest area located just outside of Davalon. Few people live here and many of the animals have been hunted down due to Endlocke forcing many people to scavenge for themselves.

OMOIDE - this district built on the otherside of the Mayor's Court is mostly on water. This area is heavily populated because of the neverending supply of water for the lake that Godai power provides.

LOST LANDS - This is the district furthest away from the Mayor's Court and is scarcely populated due to Endlocke. The Godai's power just barely reaches out there and the resources are minimal. Most of the land is in ruin and people often refer to this as the lost lands.

VIOLETTE - The smallest district in Azure. It is currently under heavy military patrol and the residents have been quarantined off from the rest of Azure.

VIOLET'S INNER WORLD - When she goes to sleep, this is the world she enters.